Everquest Hardcore

Welcome to Everquest Hardcore where Death = Delete

Hardcore Rules

Death = Delete


What constitutes "Griefing"?

Griefing is the intentional killing of a hardcore player by someone not in your party. Training of mobs, or any behavior that results in the intentional death of a hardcore player is considered griefing, and is not considered a death for the purpose of hardcore. In order to appeal a death in this manner, post a video of the action in the appeals channel of this discord. Video evidence is required to overturn a death of a character attempting a challenge run such as immortal, but isn’t necessarily required for a simple grief/pvp death. Continue playing your character if in doubt, and an administrator will look at your character’s death on a case by case basis.

What is needed for an appeal of a hardcore death?

Convincing video evidence, either via stream or gameplay recording. In the event of mass server disruption, such as DDOS or unexpected server crash, video evidence will not be needed.

What about Death Touch mechanics?

If a player dies to a Death Touch from a raid boss, the player may be resurrected only if the raid slays the boss on that attempt. If your raid wipes, or your raid is forced to disengage for any reason after you have been death touched (Except for Griefing, see above) then your character is permanently dead. Rest in peace.

Will there be a website with Leaderboards and optional challenges?

Yes, this is planned for the near future.

Are any downloads or addons required?

No. Hardcore Everquest is played on Project 1999 servers with no additional downloads required.

Which server will the league be on?

It will be p99 Red.

How about PvP deaths?

PvP deaths do not count. Corpse runs are safe, but you are expected to return immediately to your corpse, and abide by LNS rules (See Red rules).

Can PvP be used to avoid a legitimate death?

No. You can not harm-touch your friend who is about to die and call it a PvP death.